Many colourful cities are based on the coast. The coastal towns and cities in Morocco on the Atlantic Coast are Essaouira – a tourism mecca, Oualidia – an amazing lagoon filled with birdlife. Asilah – weekend getaways for the Tangier people; the fishing centres – Casablanca, Agadir, Safi. The old neighbourhoods are restored and painted white and/or blue. The coast offers over 300 days of sunshine every year and is over 1000 KM of beautiful sandy beaches to help you relax and while away your days.
Morocco’s location makes it very popular with Europeans as it is only a short distance away and it provides some renowned surfing and windsurfing spots.
Excellent photo shooting locations down the coast.

Real Estate Photography Agadir - Ramon - From

Villa Ramon Agadir

Real Estate Photography Essaouera - 1 - From

Hotel Essaouira

Real Estate Photography Aglou - 1 - From

Aglou Paradise

Real Estate Photography Assilah - 5 - From

Riad Assilah


For many years I used my camera everyday as a favourite pastime. The decision to turn my passion for photography in to a career came after quitting my hectic life as a partner with EY Sao Paulo.

I started using my camera for business photoshoots and that is the best choice I ever made. Having this amazing life in Marrakech I also have time to keep my personal photography going as well.

Throughout our lives we live unrepeatable moments, meet different people, travel and live in new places which we keep in our memories vividly through our photographs.

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