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Taking photographs of animals (pets) can be difficult and requires a lot of patience. You need a bit of a time to get friendly with the animals and could take even a bit more to get them still for even a minute. But with a few simple tricks and camera settings, it is possible to capture amazing photos of these important family members.


In portraits photography it is about the expression on the face that makes the image. We experiment with different moods and emotions that we built together with you in the image. One way to ensure lovely shots are taken is to always capture that look in the eyes and fill the frame with the face. Using different lenses (wide angle lens, tilt shift etc) is also a popular trick for getting a different results.


To improve your landscape shots, you need to find visually compelling locations. Then you need to work out the right time of day to visit them, so they are looking their absolute best. 

Street photography

“The eyes are the windows to the soul.” The viewer feels a lot more connected to the power of the image by getting eye contact in your photograph. The stronger the eye contact, the more emotional, and more memorable the photograph is.


One of the most important parts of selling any product is good photography. The more amazing your items look, the more people will want them! Good jewellery photography needs sharp, crisp focus.

Food photography

Starting out is frustrating! You have to assume few roles such as the chef, stylist, and the photographer. It also could be a lot of fun hunting for props, backgrounds and tableware to put in the images, but if you’re not careful that colourful prop can easily upstage your food, and grab all the attention.

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Street Photography


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Food Photography


Family Photography


For many years I used my camera everyday as a favourite pastime. The decision to turn my passion for photography in to a career came after quitting my hectic life as a partner with EY Sao Paulo.

I started using my camera for business photoshoots and that is the best choice I ever made. Having this amazing life in Marrakech I also have time to keep my personal photography going as well.

Throughout our lives we live unrepeatable moments, meet different people, travel and live in new places which we keep in our memories vividly through our photographs.

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