Corporate party organised by Party Maroc

Come and party in Marrakech and get to know better your office mates. Get ready for more happy days!!! Arrange for a photographer that can give you shoots from creative angles and a variety of images. Take playful snaps of fun posed shots. We try to loosen the attendees up when you let them have a bit of a fun.

You may make different choices depending if the event is more formal, it’s also important to get more abstract shots that aren’t all focused on individuals and make sure you cover the important leaders and speakers of the event.

But most importantly to catch the vibe of the event and cover the fun the people are having, at the end of the day that is what the corporate event was set up for.

We work with event companies in Marrakech to ensure the whole event is taken care of, our partner Party Maroc have a fantastic reputation and impeccable standards.

We do all that for our corporate event clients and team building activities in all possible settings: Berber village tours, outdoors activities in the Atlas mountains or in desert camps. We go with you to the Souk taking photos of you negotiating like a Berber with the locals. We follow you to the square Djemma El Fna listening to the story tellers and trying to run away from the snake charmers coming after you with a bag full of snakes. We reveal the night life of Marrakech under the beats of the Ganawa music or famous international DJs.

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