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Photography has been my dream for years and now living in Morocco with the most incredible light particularly during the winter months is a total joy taking photos.

There are so many different ways to earn a living between wedding photography, corporate events, parties and real estate photography. The backdrop of The High Atlas Mountains covered in snow during the winter months of Marrakech with the palm trees and the majestic gardens of the hotels, riads and private villas make such idyllic setting.

With a near perfect all year round climate and the proximity to Europe Morocco makes for one of the most perfect places for any event. You can take photographs in the usual postal card places but if you approach it in a different way and prospective you can still achieve a jaw-dropping image.

You can get lost in the medina and try to find something uncommon that calls your attention and again get the same effect. Try to avoid snapping but focus on the composition and do use tripod to achieve a crispy image. Do not try to photograph everything in a single shot. Use the rule of thirds i.e. avoid placing your subject in the middle of the frame. Use lines to lead to the subject of interest. Take a simple picture with a definite subject that anybody will understand as the main object of interest.

Vertical lines make shots look fast-paced, whereas horizontal lines make for relaxing shots. It requires an experience and skill to take a visually appealing picture and remember that the camera is not the mastermind but the photographer creating the image. The other exciting thing is that for being a photographer there is no “expiry” date and you could become a successful artist with time if you have the passion and devotion.

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