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Street Photography In Marrakech And Why I Love It

I have a lot of Moroccan friends since my days at university in Sofia, Bulgaria. Friends that I have still today and memories that I will have forever. After more than 20 years I am back here living and working in Marrakech.

We all have heard that Marrakech is made for photographers so why not build my life here. There are over 300 days of sun each year… and in the winter months the clarity of the light is even better particularly after a few days of rain when the Altas Mountains are covered with fresh snow.

Street Photography in Marrakech could be a challenge. I tried shooting from the hip but I had some unpleasant experience and I do understand that this is not an ethical approach. So my advise is not to do it. The best way is to approach the person and ask to take a photo by explaining that you are a photographer or that you are teaching photography. Sometimes the people may not be willing for you to take photos of their faces but you can do very well by just taking a photo of their hands or of what they are doing / crafting etc. Knowing a bit of Darija just a few phrases and warming smile could help as well and where this is not enough some small change will be a good perk.

If you want to take photos of the Medina go there when it is less crowded and touristy. Wake up early and do your photoshoot.

The light in Marrakech works well with the colours of the Red city. The gardens, the palaces are beautiful and definitely worth a photo session.

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