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How to take landscape photography that seizes the curiosity of your audience…

One of the things we should have in mind is that a smaller aperture generally requires a longer shutter speed, but a lengthier shutter speed can make camera shake, which causes blurring. Therefore, the use of tripod is a must.

If you know how to play with shallow depth of field to generate unique effects do it but this requires certain experience. Landscape photography is typically thought of as capturing stillness. However, you can bring a unique result to your pictures by capturing particular elements of surroundings in a way that implies movement. These components animate your pictures. They attract the individual seeing the picture to the scenery’s action.

Use the foreground place by putting your camera lower so the objects in front such as the waves are shot up close at eye level then the image will stretch into the distance toward the horizon of the sea. The key is to make sure there are contrasting features that draw the eye. Another thing to remember is that diagonals work by drawing a line from one corner of the frame to the opposite. Diagonal lines can convey a sense of action or make an image more dynamic. Jagged and irregular lines take us one step further giving an emotion and feeling to the image.

When using lines to direct the viewer’s attention, two rules need to be followed. Make sure that the lines always point toward the most important object in the image leading the eye directly to the object and make sure they never point outside of the image. A last, sloping horizon in a landscape can be distracting, so make sure it’s level.

Hope the hints are helpful and keep trying to get to the desired image.

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