Real Estate Photography in Marrakech That Makes Your Property Shine

The Red City is an endless opportunity for taking photos, the wonderful light, the medina, the splendid resorts and hotels and the beautiful surrounding areas with sumptuous Villas. You could spend countless hours finding places in the Medina to photograph while getting lost in the labyrinth of the streets. The lush gardens of the palaces and internal courtyards of the hotels in the medina provide a comfortable retreat and often decorated with a fountain and orange or lemon trees, a true example of beautiful symmetry. The Call to Prayer brings on the magical moment when you actually realise you are in another world full of inspiration to create more magical photography. The madness of the medina can be too much sometimes, so if you want to detach yourself from the souk, the Ourika valley and the Atlas Mountains offer peace and tranquility only a short distance away.

Doing real estate photography in Marrakech is an absolute pleasure. Visiting all these beautiful, spacious and well decorated houses or the classic architecture of the riads for photoshoots is so rewarding. The palaces are stunning showcasing traditional crafts and taste of unique interior decoration.

Depending on the family’s wealth, the houses might be decorated with colourful zellij  (a ceramic-tile mosaic) and ornamental Islamic calligraphy.

I use only high-end Canon equipment together with a combination of ambient and flash lighting to produce natural looking photos.

We will present finished photographs in a digital format to the client.

For all booking and pricing enquiries, please use the contact form below or call any time on +212 651297145

Please include as much information as possible regarding your photography requirements, for example, the location of the project, the number of images needed, your intended use of the images and your required timing for the completion of the photography job.

Have a look at some of my property photography portfolio below.

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Anahita Villa 2 - From

Villa Anahita

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Palmerie 2 Villa - From

Villa Palm

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Riad Ath 1 - From

Riad Athenas

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Salem 1 - From

Villa Salem

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Sergio 3 - From

Villa Sergio

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Tigmiza 6 - From

Villa Tigmiza

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Tony 3 - From

Villa Tony

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Villa 1 - From

Villa Atlas

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Villa Zoe 1 - From

Villa Zoe

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Riad Por 11 - From

Riad Portia

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - D&A 4 - From

Villa D&A

Real Estate Photography Marrakech, Villa Cam - 1 - From

Villa Camus

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - Greg 1 - From

Villa Greg

Real Estate Photography Marrakech - JT Villa 3 - From

Villa JT

Real estate photography -Marrakech 7 photographer - from

Villa Nored

Villa FeFe

Villa A&M

Real-estate-photography-Marrakech-photographer-from-mimibalkan.com_villa A7

Villa A

Villa WS

Villa AYA

Villa Elena


For many years I used my camera everyday as a favourite pastime. The decision to turn my passion for photography in to a career came after quitting my hectic life as a partner with EY Sao Paulo.

I started using my camera for business photoshoots and that is the best choice I ever made. Having this amazing life in Marrakech I also have time to keep my personal photography going as well.

Throughout our lives we live unrepeatable moments, meet different people, travel and live in new places which we keep in our memories vividly through our photographs.

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