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Due to its unique location, Morocco has been influenced by many cultures throughout the years. All of these influences have created a culture unlike any other and that could be easily seen in the country’s unique architectural style.

The strongest influence in the country’s architecture is Islam, directing the construction and ornamentation of the buildings. In addition, to that the Hispano-Moorish architecture also took roots in Morocco during the Almoravid dynasty. Today, a combination of these two particular styles can be found in most buildings throughout the country. The beauty in Moroccan architecture is that these elements can typically be found blended in with Islamic-style buildings.

Morocco is filled with exquisite architectural gems that tell the intriguing story of a country that has continuously welcomed and absorbed different cultures, lifestyles and beautiful designs.

The beautiful villas situated on cliffs from downtown Tangier, overlooking the Straits of Gibraltar and the coast of Spain are the absolute gems of Tangier. They incorporate Modernist and traditional Moroccan features including large floor-to-ceiling windows and checkerboard-marble floors.

Lavish gardens sloping down the hills and terraces laced with stone paths leading down to sumptuous swimming pools. All this makes a magnificent scene for a photoshoot.

I use only high-end Canon equipment together with a combination of ambient and flash lighting to produce natural looking photos.

We will present finished photographs in a digital format to the client.

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Please include as much information as possible regarding your photography requirements, for example, the location of the project, the number of images needed, your intended use of the images and your required timing for the completion of the photography job.

Have a look at some of my property photography portfolio below.

Real Estate Photography Tangier

Villa Nick

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Richa ( - From

Villa Richa

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Bor 6 - From

Villa Bor

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Boravo 2 - From

Villa Bravo

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Dar 3 - From

Dar Sinclair

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Blue house 1 - From

Villa Blue House

La Perla

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Ive 3 - From

Villa Ive

Real Estate Photography Tangier - Rica 4 - From

Villa Rica


La Jan


For many years I used my camera everyday as a favourite pastime. The decision to turn my passion for photography in to a career came after quitting my hectic life as a partner with EY Sao Paulo.

I started using my camera for business photoshoots and that is the best choice I ever made. Having this amazing life in Marrakech I also have time to keep my personal photography going as well.

Throughout our lives we live unrepeatable moments, meet different people, travel and live in new places which we keep in our memories vividly through our photographs.

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