“Thank you @mimibalkanphtography …you captured our magic beautifully” 
Staci Bazzani, Marrakech, 2018

“Stunnng photos!!! Best time there!” 
Mindy Hobley, Marrakech, 2018

“An extremely emotional birthday. All god!!! Alll good!!! #stunningphotos Thank you Mimi for capturing us!” 
Ellen Woods, Marrakech, 2018

“We LOVED the photos!! [Maria] did a GREAT job!!… We are REALLY pleased and happy with [the] work and photos / video you sent through to us. Thank you VERY much :-)”
Michael Leppard, 2017

“Great photos and good job”
Villa Anahita, Marrakech, 2017

“Thank you for the incredible photos- absolutely amazing! We had so much fun with you all.”
Olivia, 2017

“My house looks better in the photos than in real life…”
David, Shropshire, April 2017

“The photos are better than the property itself”
Villa Fra, 2017

“Very pleased with the photoshoot your photos are better than the World of Interior” 
Nick, Tangier, 2017

“Great photos of my house.”
Villa Bor, 2017

“Maria has a very keen eye for detail and her pictures always come out looking very flattering. She knows the right angles and will work with you in the editing stage to get it just right.” 
Nadine, Marrakech, 2018

“We like the pictures very much. Amongst them there are really wonderful shots. This is an awesome souvenir for our trip. And also we appreciate your workstyle. Thank you much.”  
Simon, Marrakech, 2019